Coming Back

Colorlines is coming back! We will be relaunching in Spring 2023 as a digital multimedia platform and a 21st-century political home for everyday people committed to justice and freedom.

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Colorlines is forging new ground

For over 20 years, Colorlines has led the way in quality, race-focused journalism that centers people of color and marginalized voices. When mainstream media shied away from reporting on race, Colorlines called out systemic racism in all its manifestations, first through a print magazine and then online. In the aftermath of the 2020 Uprisings and within the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the reality of the world we lived in was placed starkly in front of us.

At Colorlines, we knew that this moment required something different from us. We asked our readers how Colorlines can most effectively offer the critical questions and stories at the intersections of race, power, and democracy in this pivotal and, in many ways, unprecedented time. Our community of readers, activists, thinkers, students, educators, and public service workers expressed a need for more tools to support activism and ways to connect with justice seekers. We delivered. 

As one of the most trusted sources of information on racial justice, Colorlines is forging new ground as a digital multimedia platform and a 21st-century political home for everyday people committed to justice and freedom. Each quarter, through written media, audio, images, video, and virtual gatherings, we will provide accessible entry points and experiences to not only deepen our commitments to justice, but make a just democracy possible. 

As a digital media platform, we will continue to cover the most contested spaces and issues of our time, including education, housing, cultural arts, the carceral state, technology, and governmental power. Here, you can dig deeper into the issues you care most about, join our community to build movement power, and engage in work that gets us closer to actualizing a world where we can all thrive. 

Join the Colorlines community!

  • Deepen your knowledge and take action with our most trusted sources on-the-ground: Get involved in the issues you are passionate about by connecting to our points of action across critical issues, such as housing, public education, and policing, to assert your collective power. 
  • Build community: Access our content for in-depth analysis on the most pressing issues of our time. Invite friends, teachers, allies, classrooms, and family to explore our virtual events, book discussions, kitchen table conversations, fireside chats, community art performances, and more. 

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