Zimmerman Defense Team Releases New Evidence in Trayvon Martin Case

Data released Thursday by the defense from slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin's cellphone includes texts with a friend about fighting and smoking pot.

By Jorge Rivas May 24, 2013

On Thursday, Defense attorneys on the George Zimmerman case released evidence they discovered on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone, including text messages in which he wrote about taking part in an organized fight, smoking marijuana and being suspended from school. They intend to use the reputation-damaging evidence about Trayvon to paint a different picture of him than the one that’s been shared by his family and supporters.

Orlando Sentinel has the details:

The evidence packet contains more than two dozen photos, including one that shows Trayvon with gold teeth and two of him making an obscene gesture. Those have been widely circulated online since shortly after the shooting, and it’s not clear where defense attorneys found them, but as of Thursday, they officially became part of Zimmerman’s criminal case.

The text messages that Trayvon wrote about fighting may be the most damaging to the state.

Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson will decide if the evidence is admitted in to the case next week, the AP reports. However, it’s unclear when the trial will start because yesterday Zimmerman’s attorneys also filed paperwork asking the judge to delay the start of his trial for six weeks.