Zimmerman Defense Lawyer’s Daughter: ‘We beat stupidity’

Attorney Don West left the courtroom after drilling Rachel Jeantel and got ice cream with his daughters, one of whom chronicled event.

By Aura Bogado Jun 28, 2013

Social media has stepped up in support of Trayvon Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel–who had previously been berated online during her testimony in George Zimmerman’s murder trial. Zimmerman defense attorney Don West grilled Jeantel for hours over the course of two days, and drew criticism for his tactics.

Well, it seems West went out with his daughters afterwards. One of them, Molly West, posted a photo on her Instagram account, with the description "We beat stupidity celebration cones," followed by a celebration hat, an ice cream, and happy face emoticons, and the hastags #Zimmerman #defense and #dadkilledit.

The apparent reference to Jeantel’s "stupidity," is equally as offensive as the reference to "dad killed it," in the middle of a trial over the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s lawyers say they’ll issue a statement soon. 

UPDATE: June 28, 2013, 7:05 pm

Buzzfeed reports that the local news station covering the trial is, which confirmed that Don West was indeed in the photo, is now comparing comparing West’s attire in attempt to match up the date the photo was taken.