You’re Doing Cinco de Mayo All Wrong

By Kenrya Rankin May 03, 2017

Looking for ways to celebrate Cinco de May this Friday (May 5)? Twitter user Kim Silva (@MotherOfPalms) has you covered with a Twitter thread that breaks down the way revelers can actually support and celebrate the people of Mexico.

“It is important to the Mexican community to no longer be treated as a caricature. We are more than a marketing tactic for companies when at the moment people are wanting a wall to be built,” the Mexican early childhood educator said in an interview with Colorlines. “If the ways that the Mexican community is impacted regarding education, immigration and employment had the same amount of spotlight as ‘Cinco de Drinko,’ it could truly make a difference.”

She breaks down how you can make that difference in the thread below, which she started on May 1. Read it, then get busy.