Young Oakland Journalist Shows a Little Love for the OG’s

Take a look at Oakland-based journalist Pendarvis Hershaw's innovative storytelling project that helps build intergenerational bridges.

By Thoai Lu May 24, 2011

Oakland-based writer Pendarvis Harshaw has spearheaded a photo-essay project called "OG Told Me" that features photos and quotes from elders in the Bay Area’s black communities. Today’s love goes to the recent Howard graduate’s attempt to bridge the inter-generational gap in the African-American community.

Some of the photos feature Harshaw with the OG, and some with just the OG looking candidly at the camera. An example is what Cecil Brown said: "Black people reinvent uses for things all of the time; well,when you reinvent something, you do so moving toward justice… the Greeks called it "techne". Americans call it technology. We call it surviving."

Harshaw is a freelance journalist who also produces media assets to write stories about coming of age and pop culture. The 22-year-old is campaigning the 2025 Game Changer for the Digital Media Fellowship for Black Men and Boys.

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