Young Invincibles Weigh in on Healthcare

By Tammy Johnson Oct 14, 2009

The Center for Community Change has launched an effort that inserts yet another voice into the current healthcare debate: young people. The prevailing perception of 20-somethings is that they are at the peak of their health. But the numbers tell a different story. In 2006, the number of uninsured young adults climbed to 13.7 million people, accounting for approx. one third of the total uninsured population. In fact six preventable deaths a day occurred in 2000 among adults aged 25-34 due to lack of insurance. And since young people of color, particularly Latinos, comprise the fastest growing population in the nation, the ranks of uninsured youth are likely to be mainly black or brown. And in their communities there is less access to standard tests, procedures and drugs. Young Invincibles is a group of 18 to 34 year-olds across the country who are committed to making sure young people are heard in the debate about the future of health care. Like us, they believe that mobilizing young Americans can make the difference between the passage of comprehensive health care reform or yet another failed opportunity for change. Here’s a link to CCC’s Y.I. action page. Spread the word about Young Invincibles to your young friends, family and colleagues. And, get young folks to sign the petition for real health care reform today!