Young Chicago Gay Couple Boldly Defends Their Love Against Hate

In Chicago, Christopher Buchanan and Derrell Hughes refuse to be kicked off the bus for expressing their affection.

By Noelle de la Paz Nov 07, 2011

A young, gay Chicago couple took a bold stand in defense of their love recently while traveling on a city bus. A passenger had a problem with Christopher Buchanan and Derrell Hughes, both 22, kissing and holding hands on the bus. The passenger, a middle-aged woman, then complained to the driver, who pulled over and ordered the couple off the bus.

"He was really in my face. He said ‘You bitches need to get off the bus…I can’t stand fags,’" Buchanan told the Windy City Times, according to blogger Rod 2.0.

Buchanan and Hughes refused to leave. The driver called in police officers, who determined that the two were not doing anything illegal. Buchanan noted that a straight couple on the bus had also been kissing, and told the newspaper he felt he and Hughes were targeted for being gay African American men. The couple is considering filing a lawsuit against the Chicago Transit Authority.

In the end, Buchanan and Hughes got off the bus after the ordeal dragged on, but not before making it clear that they would not go quietly, give in so easily or censor their affection for the comfort of those who are quick to push their love out of sight.

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