You, Too, Can Have Your Own Kenyan Birth Certificate [VIDEO]

By Julianne Hing Aug 05, 2009

Don’t let those endlessly creative Birthers have all the fun with forged birth certificates. Get yours by going to the Kenyan birth certificate generator! Don’t know which Kenyan district you were supposedly born in? Mosey on over to Wikipedia for a list to choose from! I made mine–and it looks pretty damn good. The paper’s realistically wrinkled, the type believably faded. Wonder if it’ll disqualify me when I run for president someday? While I’m laughing–I switch off between that and a combined roll my eyes/shake my head move–others are mobilizing to use this as an opportunity to go after the cable TV news anchors who make their names off of circulating lies. Go check out Media Matters putting the heat on CNN for keeping Lou Dobbs on the air while he fans the flames of racist misinformation. Other Birther-related suggested viewing? Rachel Maddow’s delightful "Happy Birther Day" take on the ridiculousness. (video after the jump)

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