York Will Witness First Black Mayor’s Election, and other news

By The News Oct 30, 2009

Racial History in York Mayoral Election Forty years after race riots occurred in York, Pennsylvania, the city will soon be electing its first Black mayor. Democrat Kim Bracey is slated to win the mayoral election in which both Democrat and Republican candidates were Black. Poll Shows American Optimism, Skepticism on Race Relations A new Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans still remain hopeful about the improvement of race relations. However, at 56 percent, the poll reveals that little has changed with American optimism about race relations since 1963, wherein 55 percent of Americans answered similarly. Black Muslims Question Leader’s Assassination Members of the Black Muslim community have mourned and criticized the recent assassination of Muslim leader Luqman Ameen Abdullah by FBI agents. The Muslim Alliance in North America have concerns that the incident may demonize Black Muslims in America.