Yes Marriage, No Justice

By Tracy Kronzak May 15, 2008

Congratulations to the many parties who worked so hard to achieve same-sex marriage in California. However, our Queer community has now demonstrated a singular goal to assimilate to the very same set of social and political benefits that until recently have been so effectively turned against us. In this case, dismantling the master’s house with the master’s tools is not the answer. A marriage contract is nothing more than an artificial set of rights and privileges that everyone regardless of marital status should have. Has anyone considered the irony of this victory in light of the deleterious "marriage promotion" policies structured into federal assistance programs based on racist stereotypes? Or the futility of being married when you can’t afford healthcare for either you or your spouse? Is this what we really want to prove — that the Queer community is so single-minded we’ve lost sight of genuine social justice? I sincerely hope that all of California’s Queers can now come together and re-focus on a broader and more inclusive social justice agenda — joining with many other communities in equity movement activities such as enacting universal healthcare, eliminating racism, and strengthening our schools. Because true justice is not just about getting what we think is ours for ourselves alone, it’s about bringing everyone to the table.