World AIDS Day Observed; Imus Returns to Radio

By The News Dec 03, 2007

Imus Returns to Radio on Monday After his eight-month suspension, this morning, radio host Don Imus will return back to the airwaves. Imus was originally pulled off the air by MSNBC and CBS Radio after the racist remarks he made regarding women basketball players at Rutgers University. Associated Press. US immigration curbs cut Mexican remittances Despite that global migrant workers sent nearly $240 billion back home to developing countries, the World Bank found that remittances sent by Mexican migrants from the U.S. have slowed down this year. The World Bank has attributed this to the increase in anti-immigrant sentiment and an increase in actions taken by the U.S. to curb immigration. Reuters. World AIDS Day Brings Awareness to Black Community This past Sunday was World AIDS Awareness Day. Since 1988, thousands of AIDS activists, non-governmental organizations, and others have participated in this day of education and activism. This year was no different in the Fort Wayne community, which focused on the fact that HIV/AIDS has affected the black community at an alarming rate. Journal Gazette.