Workers of Color Want Better Wages Not Rivals; Muslim Americans Gather Against Growing Intolerance

By The News Sep 04, 2007

Promote Policy, Don’t Pit Immigrants Against Black Workers One Labor Day observer asks workers to ignore the pitfalls of ‘divide and conquer’ to organize against the conditions for low-wage workers—both Black and immigrant—and their need for living wages. Brothers Blame Immigration Issues For Family Feud Almost like the immigrant families that are ripped apart by deportation, NYT talks to New Jersey brothers who have allowed their political differences to divide their family. Unions Continue Struggle Against Racism With a legacy at the frontlines of anti-racist movements, union workers observe on Labor Day their continued commitment to fighting racism and xenophobia. Muslim Americans Gather Against Stereotypes In a recent convention, Muslim Americans met to discuss the persisting profiling and ‘increasing level of tension and scrutiny in contemporary society.’ Back to School Gentrification: Columbia University and West Harlem As Columbia attempts to expand its university into West Harlem, its Black and Latino residents and business owners are working to fight the takeover. Meanwhile, Columbia relies on eminent domain to declare its victory. Latin American Clergy Protect Poor, Precious Resources Latin America’s clergy have organized their congregations in a fight to preserve the land and water against transnational corporations.