WNBA Gets A+ On Hiring Practices, and other news

By The News Jul 24, 2009

WNBA Gets Highest Marks on Hiring For Women, POCs For the second year in a row, the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport gave the WNBA its highest grade on its annual Racial and Gender Report Card. The report concluded that "the WNBA remained as the best employer overall for women and people of color in sport." Two Men Convicted For Racially-Motivated Crime Two men have been convicted on federal hate crime and conspiracy charges related to a racially-motivated assault outside a Walmart in Nampa, Idaho. Last year, the two men chased and beat a black man leaving the Walmart and called the victim racial slurs. Protesters Criticize MnDOT For Hiring Practices Protesters gathered oustide the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) building to address concerns over the hiring of women and people of color for contract jobs. Last year, people of color held only 6.1 percent of MnDOT’s contract jobs, while women made up just 3.9 percent. Stats Show Racial Disparities With RI Police Enforcement In Rhode Island, eight civil-rights and community organizations have collected 20 years worth of data showing the racial disparities with how Rhode Island State Police enforced traffic laws. The organizations are citing this data to dissuade federal officials from deputizing state police officers as federal immigration agents.