Will ICE Deport Barack’s Mom?

Sandra Elizabeth Borja Armeo is in immigrant detention because she wants to come home to her son, Barack.

By Aura Bogado Aug 16, 2013

Three years ago, Sandra Elizabeth Borja Armeo gave birth to a baby, and she named him Barack–ostensibly in honor of Barack Obama. Sometime later, she made the decision to visit her dying mother in Mexico. While there, she was trafficked before escaping and filing charges against her persecutors. 

Finally free from some of the trauma she survived, Borja Armeo decided to come back to reunite with her US-born son, Barack, but was halted by Border Patrol and placed at an immigration detention center in Texas. The irony of the case, of course, lies in the fact that President Obama’s administration has deported more immigrants than any other.

Her partner, Juan Jose Mangandi, is a well-known day laborer, activist, and theater director. He was also a rider on Undocubus last summer. Now, #Not1More is organizing to urge immigration officials to release Borja Armeo.

If that sounds unlikely, just remember that it wouldn’t be the first time an undocumented immigrant left the US, only to come back, be placed in detention, and then reunited with their families and communities at home.