Why Do Dog Kennels Get More Regulation Than Childcare Centers? [VIDEO]

By Julianne Hing May 14, 2009

Rinku’s got a new post up at the Huffington Post about the findings in "Underprotected, Undersupported: Low Income Children at Risk," a new report just released by the Applied Research Center that documents the conditions of childcare centers across the country. She writes:

But our childcare licensing and inspection systems also need a major overhaul if we’re going to do more than just warehouse kids. In fourteen states, for example, you essentially don’t need a full license to operate a childcare center. Requirements vary, but policies and practices in these states often allow significant exemptions to their childcare standards and regulations – including child-staff ratios and even basic health and safety standards like criminal background checks and regular inspections.

And what exactly do those child to staff ratios end up looking like? Watch the video below to hear one mom’s experience. You can find the report and more resources at arc.org/childcare.