Who’s Profiting More Than $5 Billion Off Of Immigrant Detentions?

Advocacy group Cuentame says that the American Legislative Exchange Council is a key player.

By Thoai Lu May 17, 2011

Immigrant advocacy group Cuentame recently shared a startling new video that maps out how corporations are pocketing more than $5 billion a year from the detention of migrants. Colorlines has been covering Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB 1070 for the past year, and Cuentame argues that there’s a clear connection between those types of repressive measures that are sweeping the country and the country’s expansive prison system. Who are the key players? At least one is called out: the American Legislative Exchange Council, a collaboration of state legislators and powerful corporations who, thanks to state Senate president Russel Pearce, have managed to successfully push their doctrine in Arizona.