Whoopi, Oprah Reunite To Talk Race and Politics

After years apart, two of the industry's leading black women get down to Hollywood's basics.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 16, 2010

Oprah and Whoopi met yesterday after not having seen or talked each other for several years. They mostly reminisced about the days when they were both on the set of "The Color Purple," but they also discussed some more recent events… like that one time when Whoopi walked out on Bill O’Reilly on ABC’s "The View."

Whoopi’s acting career has spanned three decades. She is the one of only four women in history to win an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and a Tony. In 1991 she became the second African American woman to win an Oscar for her role in "Ghost." She was also the highest paid actress in Hollywood in the early 1990’s.

After listing her long list of accomplishments, Oprah asked Whoopi why she joined the cast of the "The View." "I needed a job and no one was asking me to be in movies," Whoopi replied. She went on to say she was surprised she was able to work for so long "looking the way I do."

The charming back-and-forth between Whoopi and Oprah talking about jheri curls, Bill O’Reilly, and the "big Whoopi" is a must see.