Yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg began deconstructing why GOP presidential candidate hopeful Michele Bachmann was wrong to sign the "The Marriage Vow." A large part of her spiel was centered around signing on to a pledge that included negative racial undertones.

The View’s, co-host Sherri Shepherd, pointed out that the first bullet point on the pledge Bachmann signed contained language that suggested black children born into slavery had a better family situation than black children born today.

Whoopi, who was raised by a single mother, quickly jumped into the conversation during the show’s Hot Topics segment. "I am starting to feel like there’s some kind of racial thing going around," she told her audience, who started laughing. She went on for close to two-minutes discussing why this is so offensive to people of color, the LGBT community and parents everywhere.

"I’m not suppose to automatically assume there’s something racial but damn it I am sick of this crap. Can you people get your act together?! You don’t know anything about how slaves raised their kids or why people were together. Just don’t add stuff like that if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Number 2, y’know white people, black people, Asian people, some of us are single parents, some of us turned out OK with single parents and y’know what? Stop pointing the finger at single parents! I’m sick of people who don’t know what they’re talking about going off!"

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who almost always has the most conservative viewpoint on the show, pointed out the slavery bulletpoint was "so bad they edited it out after."

"The fact that they put it in is enough!" Whoopi quickly interjected.