Controversial conservative pundit Ann Coulter appeared on the "The View" Thursday to promote her new book, "Mugged," in which she claims that President Obama has abandoned black people and that the OJ Simpson verdict was good for the country. "Oh you know what, hold up Ms. Coulter, please stop. Please stop," Whoopi Goldberg said shortly after Coulter began to introduce her book. "If you are going to talk about race, at least, at least, know what you’re talking about." "What don’t I know?" Coulter asked. "Well tell me what you know about being black," Goldberg said. "Your facts are a little shaky. I mean, you’re saying that because liberals have abandoned black people now–what? I don’t get it. I don’t understand." Just watch. At one point Goldberg can’t take it anymore and goes off. "Bullshit! Bullshit, I’m sorry! That’s bull, that’s bull," Goldberg said. In more positive news, co-host Joy Behar introduced daytime TV viewers to [racist voter ID laws popping up around the country]( "It seems to me that voter suppression is happening in areas where black people and hispanics are and it is really being promoted by the Republicans, not the Democrats." "So, my view and I have a different one from you, it looks as though the Republicans are really going against blacks, not the Liberals," Behar said.