Who Wants to Turn the Camera Back on James O’Keefe?

Reader suggests somebody sting these rightwing smear-operatives, too.

By Kai Wright Nov 17, 2010

Reader Victor Ray Valdiviezo has a great point about the gross return of James O’Keefe to the headlines this week:

Maybe someone needs to follow this guy with a camera and check what he says and does day in and out.

You volunteering Victor? Really, though, if mainstream journalism has agreed that the antics of O’Keefe, Andrew Breitbart and their ilk are newsworthy, then it’s time those guys (and they are all white men) start facing real scrutiny. They don’t get to just sit on the sidelines and hurl false accusations and smears into the public discourse. They are political operatives. And if they are relevant enough to have their hit jobs covered, they’re relevant enough to be covered themselves.