White Separtists Rally in Jena; CNN Miscounts Black Women’s Vote

By The News Jan 23, 2008

Canada Expected to Back Out of UN Racism Conference Fearing that the follow-up to the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South African (Durban II) will be “anti-West” and “anti-Israel,” sources say that the Canadian Foreign Minister, Maxime Bernier, will announce that Canada will not be participating in the global conference. National Post. CNN Infuriates Readers with "Race or Gender" Story When a CNN article asked Black women if they, “should they vote their race, or should they vote their gender, ” readers reminded the authors that their votes were not bound in their identity.CNN. White Separatists Rally in Jena, La. During Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, around 50 white separatists protested in Jena, Louisiana at the LaSalle Parish Courthouse. The rally, organized by Nationalist Movement based out of Learned, Mississippi, was counter-protested by 100 others. MSNBC. Bill Cosby: ‘People Don’t Know How to Parent’ On Monday, Bill Cosby gave a lecture to 1,800 African Americans at a $100 a plate Rainbow/PUSH Martin Luther King Day breakfast. Cosby focused primarily on the parents that allow their “babies” to have “babies,” while often “dropping out of school,” “giving up,” and “getting government checks.” Chicago Sun Times.