White House Urges Doubting Congess to Pass Bailout Plan; Black Media Wants Ad Money from Obama

By The News Sep 23, 2008

Bipartisan Anger Over Bailout Plan The White House is pressing Congress to quickly pass the administration’s $700 billion bailout plan as Democratic and Republican lawmakers fumed over the financial crisis. One of many demands is a plan to help the many American homeowners who face foreclosure. Associated Press. Court to Reconsider Mali Woman’s Asylum On Monday, Attorney General Michael Mukasey overruled a midlevel federal court’s decision to deny asylum to an unidentified woman who opposes tribal customs in Mali that force genital mutilation upon its women. Associated Press. Critical Resistance Celebrates Ten Years with a Conference "Critical Resistance, an Oakland-based nonprofit seeking to build "an international movement to end the prison-industrial complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe," is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a three-day confab to assess its first decade and plan its second." San Jose Mercury News. Immigration Slows with Bad Economy "The wave of immigrants entering the United States slowed dramatically last year as the economy faltered and the raids increased." Houston Chronicle. Black Press Wants More Ads from Obama "A black-owned radio station in Daytona Beach began running ads Monday criticizing the Democratic Party for ignoring black voters in the first salvo of a long-simmering dispute between the black press and Barack Obama’s campaign." Orlando Sentinel.