White Firefighters Sue, Claiming Reverse Discrimination

By The News Apr 06, 2009

White Firefighters Sue For Reverse Discrimination Several white firefighters are suing the city of New Haven, Connecticut for reverse discrimination after their scores from a promotional test were thrown out. Supporters of the city’s decision to reject the scores believe the use of this test would have perpetuated a history of exclusion of underrepresented peoples within the fire department. Los Angeles Times. Debtors Prisons Sweep Up The Poor Up until a few years ago, police in Mississippi targeted predominantly Black neighborhoods and incarcerated whoever had unpaid prison fees. Prisoners’ rights advocates are seeing this pattern repeat itself, and foresee the stricter enforcement of costs and fees, as well as the imprisonment of even more people too poor to pay their fines. New York Times. Unwarranted Arrests Incite Candlelight Vigil In West Palm Beach, eight men were deported after failing to provide legal immigration documentation following their arrest. Advocates for the immigrants held a vigil on their behalf, calling attention to what they believe to be blatant racial profiling committed by the officers. Palm Beach Post. Black Democrats Follow In Obama’s Footsteps Following announcements that several black Democrats have made about their candidacy for gubernatorial and senate positions, it’s impossible to deny President Obama’s influence on their decisions. However, the question remains as to whether voters can now envision and support black leadership within their specific states. Washington Post.