White Conservative Ben Ferguson: Rappers Profit Off of the N-Word

By Qimmah Saafir Mar 17, 2015

Following fallout from last week’s video of University of Oklahoma members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon chanting anti-black slurs, our favorite black anchor Don Lemon hosted an already-discussed-this-a-million-times panel called "The N-Word in America. Who Can Say It? Who Decides?"

Guests included black rapper Trinidad James, black CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill and white conservative talk radio host Ben Ferguson, who claimed that rappers profit off of the n-word. During the program, the radio host and the "All Gold Everything" rapper squared off:

Ferguson: "I’ll be honest with you, I think you know that we should probably get rid of the n-word, but in reality, I think many rappers are afraid they will lose out on money and sales and street cred if they stop using the word."

James: "I’m making money off of doing music and being creative, sir. I’m not making money just because I use the n-word. Nobody goes to buy an album because it’s full of the n-word."

Ferguson: "Trinidad, you wouldn’t be on this show tonight if it wasn’t for using the n-word in your rap music. Let’s be honest."

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