Where’s the Hate for Times Square Bomber?

By Daisy Hernandez May 04, 2010

After more than a week of following the hate campaign in Arizona, I suppose it’s only reasonable to expect that a brown man trying to bomb Times Square would get some racist reaction. Something overt. But instead of explicitly focusing on the color of Faisal Shahzad’s skin or his country of origin, the immediate conservative grumbling has been about the rights his citizenship entitles him to. Would we be having this conversation if Shahzad were a white guy? Adam Serwer over at The American Prospect says Republicans were quiet until Shahzad was identified. Then Sen. McCain (who so needs to retire) blasted that Holder’s agents would be mistaken to have read the guy his Miranda rights. Other conservatives followed suit and the back and forth was about who has what rights when. The undercurrent: now that we KNOW he’s Pakistani-born, he’s not really…a real citizen. In a bizarre twist, Glenn Beck, of all people, has said that Shahzad’s a citizen and "has all the rights under the Constitution."