Where is the Relief Money for Haiti?

We take a look what money's missing, and what could be the hold-up.

By Hatty Lee, Jamilah King Jan 12, 2011

The story of the recovery that hasn’t happened in Haiti is at last partially a tale of the money the developed world said it would give, but didn’t. In the immediate aftermath of last year’s earthquake there was a worldwide outpouring of support. Individuals promised to give what they could, and the international community promised to "build back better" to the tune of $5.3 billion — $1.5 of which was promised by the United States, according to Isabel MacDonald at The Nation. So far, only a fraction of that money — $1.28 billion — has actually been disbursed, and there’s proof that even that relatively meager sum isn’t being spent well.

In the graphic below, we look at what aid currently looks like in Haiti. And for more on what all this means, take a look at Michelle Chen’s take on the country’s post colonial purse strings.