When Will It End?

By Megan Izen Aug 27, 2008

After ending its self-deportation last week, ICE outdid itself with the largest single-business raid in US history, beating its previous record set earlier this year in Pottsville, Iowa detaining nearly 600 people. I’m outraged, disgusted and saddened by the fact that we are allowing this administration to annihilate families and communities throughout the country. What scares me is that people won’t take to the streets again as they did in 2006 because they have been forced to live in constant fear. I wonder how many thousands of families will be destroyed before these raids are brought to a halt? Maybe with regime change we can win just immigration reform. Earlier this week at the DNC, Michelle Obama promised rather than merely talking about family values, an Obama-Biden administration would bring policies that actually value families. It’s time to let both potential candidates know that we demand humane and equitable immigration reform in the first 100 days.