What The Media Gets Wrong About Wright

By Guest Columnist Jun 13, 2008

Wrong Again By Donna E. Scott As someone who grew up a stones throw from Trinity United Church of Christ, I was amazed and continue to be amazed at how wrong the mainstream media is in their reporting. The latest attempt at a so called story is a good example. Now, Time magazine sanctions an article that is full of innuendo and speculation. Steven Gray headlines this latest piece, "The Unretirement of Reverend Wright." He quotes sources but does not name them. He goes on and on about what he believes is the truth. Why am I concerned? Why is anyone concerned? Obama has denounced the Reverend and left the church. Plus, there are a host of real stories to write about — global warming, the war in Iraq, the foreclosure crisis, will we use Tru vote machines, Diebold machines or paper ballots, rape in the Congo for Coltan– the list is endless. So, why do I have a burr under my saddle? Remember the phrase, the political is personal? That goes double for me. You see, my mother has attended Trinity for 36 years and was one of the financial officers for decades. My sister sings in the sanctuary choir, and has done so for decades. My brothers and nieces attended at various times. My father was one of the earliest members at Trinity. We also held his funeral at Trinity in 1998. I attend Trinity whenever I am in Chicago. Mr Gray does not understand United Church of Christ policy either. Second, Rev. Wright is not trying to pull a fast one and hang on to power. Third, the so called rift between Wright and Moss is more speculation. Fourth, there is no schism within the congregation, the members love the church and are committed to the United Church of Christ. Members were, however, upset, shaken and traumatized yet again. Then they were comforted by a joint letter from Wright and Moss giving them the facts, the real deal. I went to one of the finest journalism schools in the country, William Allen White, at the University of Kansas. In my opinion, this piece by Time was not what I call journalism, it was something else, I expected to see this hanging right by the National Enquirer. My advice to anyone else who dares to continue in this feeding frenzy is, get your facts. If you cannot quote any sources by name do not run with it. You might end up with egg on your face. Donna Scott is a documentary film maker, author, teacher and award and winning advocate. She has provided commentary on various issues to local and national media. She resides in Detroit, MI.