“What did Brown mean?”; Gates says no to revived immigration bill

By The News Jun 25, 2007

What did Brown mean? Because the courts may not get it right. Before its summer recess next week, the Supreme Court will probably unmask, by a 5-4 vote, this basic discord by announcing a fundamental reinterpretation of Brown. The new view would read Brown not as mandating integration, or even as neutral on the point, but as affirmatively prohibiting voluntary measures to achieve integration if they involve race-conscious government action. –LATimes High-Tech Titans Strike Out on Immigration Bill. Is immigration only about labor? High-tech companies were surprised and upset by the bill that emerged last month from secret Senate negotiations. E. John Krumholtz, director of federal affairs at Microsoft, said the bill was “worse than the status quo, and the status quo is a disaster.” –NYTimes Racism takes many hues. Part 5 of a series on Afro-Latin Americans. In Brazil, the level of discrimination you face depends on how dark your skin is. It’s a hauntingly familiar yet exotically strange experience.–Miami Herald. Revived Immigration Bill Faces Tough Week. Just a quick re-cap. Senate passage would send the issue to the House, where Democratic leaders have promised to take it up at an early date. But the legislation also faces a tough road in the House. Many Republicans want tighter border security and opposing giving legal status to those who entered the country illegally. –NPR The delicate balance of black and brown. "People of color" doesn’t work here. IS AN INFORMAL COMPACT that has helped keep racial tensions from boiling over in Los Angeles about to end? Are Latinos on the verge of displacing the region’s black elected officials?–LATimes ‘A Mighty Heart’ Misses Karachi’s Compassionate Heart. Why this movie provokes anti-Pakistan sentiments. From the Pakistani perspective, there is no relief in A Mighty Heart from portraying the country as a huge problem to Western secular interests. Filmed mainly in Pune (Poona) India, the Karachi that many of us know is almost completely absent from this movie.–New America Media Have Black bloggers Forgotten New Orleans?Never too late to ask. It seems that we as black bloggers have the power of communications and would rather Gossip than engage in a conversation about how to save our people, our American city. The plight of New Orleans is an American disgrace.–Mirror on America Obama team can play rough. On forgetting Barack is a politician? Despite often lofty rhetoric that he plans to bring the nation a "new kind of politics," Sen. Barack Obama has surrounded himself with operatives skilled in the old-school art of the political backstab.–The Chicago Tribune. Schools call roll at a border crossing. Students living in Mexico cross to come to school. Children who are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants but live in Mexico cross every morning to get a better education for free in Arizona, breaking the law that requires them to live within the boundaries of the district. To many of their parents, who have ties in both countries, not living in the district is the educational equivalent of jaywalking.–LATimes.