Western Union Goes Wireless; 5 Things You Should Know About Crack

By The News Apr 01, 2008

Raul Castro Lifts Bans in Cuba Five weeks after Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul, took over the nation’s presidency, he has ended a rule that banned locals from staying in hotels. This move comes just days after he ended the ban on Cubans owning cell phones, computers and household appliances. Chicago Tribune. No Teachers for Youth in Prison? In Illinois, " union leaders, interest groups and employees say the Department of Juvenile Justice has a teacher shortage that leaves imprisoned youths without full-time schooling." Quad-City Times. Western Union Makes Cellphone Deal With Radio Shack and Trumpet Mobile, Western Union will further capitalize on Latino immigrants’ need to send money home to families and will now offer customers the ability to wire money using a cellphone. Washington Post. 5 Things You Should Know About Crack Kai Wright sets the record straight about crack. "Decades after the feds copped their first hit, help is on the way." TheRoot.com