Wells Fargo Pays for Its Racism, and Other News

By The News Jun 04, 2009

Employees Claim Racist Wells Fargo Loan Practices Wells Fargo is facing a hefty lawsuit by Baltimore City that claims the bank routinely pointed people of color towards high-rate mortgages and channeled prime-loan-qualified customers toward subprime loans. Baltimore Sun Racist Vandalism Pushes Black Family Out of Home After Channise Davy came home to a vandalized house with racist graffiti on her walls, she struggled to find another more secure place to live. LA Times Cleared of Terror Charges, Facing Deportation After federal prosecutors failed to prove that Youssef Samir Megahed was transporting explosives during a road trip with a friend, the Egyptian immigrant is now facing charges that he “is engaged in or is likely to engage in” terrorist activities, a violation of his U.S. residency. NY Times Cancer Deaths for SC Black women Top National Average A University of South Carolina study found that the breast cancer death rate in Black women is 24 percent higher than white women in South Carolina and 20 percent higher than the national average in all but eight state counties. Sun News