Welcome! Now Let’s Talk About Fixing Stuff

Together, I hope we can shift our focus from what we can't do to what we can do about racism in our nation and around the world.

By Tammy Johnson Jun 24, 2010

Here’s the situation: There is a problem. People are involved in making change. Some of those people are white, but a growing number of them aren’t. These people have a shared history. Some stuff was done back in the day. They thought that they undid it, but damn, here it is again: The problem. There are rules, culture, media, bureaucracy, organization and all sorts of stuff in play now. And oftentimes gender, sexuality, ability, ageism, good intentions, stupidity, ego and a bunch of other stuff weighs in too. Damn it’s a big problem! What do we do? Call out the racists? Yes, there are racist among us. But with or without them there is something larger at work that holds racism in its place. It surrounds our lives like a deadly ecosystem, corroding the links that connect us, dissolving values that shape our humanity. So now what? There is a solution. Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, Blacks, Whites and everyone else are equal stakeholders in the solution. And when these people work together to get everybody’s needs met it’s a good thing. Hell, it’s a great thing! That thing is called racial equity. The rules must be fair. Individuals and entities must be held accountable for the outcomes they produce. System failures must not cause whole communities to suffer. And we’ve grown smart enough to know that if you ignore race, you can’t solve racism. So on a regular basis we call it out in order stamp it out! This blog is about race. This is a blog about solutions. I don’t have all the answers. So from time to time I’ll need your help. But together I hope that we can shift our focus from what we can’t do, to what we can do about racism in our nation.