Water Crisis Weighs on Citizens and Police in ‘Flint Town’

By Sameer Rao Mar 02, 2018

As the residents of Flint, Michigan, wait on a positive end to the city’s ongoing water contamination crisis, a new documentary series goes back two years to examine how the crisis impacted the tension between citizens and police.  

"Flint Town," a documentary series that debuted on Netflix today (March 2), follows Flint Police Department officers throughout 2016 as the water crisis weighs on the city’s resources and people—41.2 percent of whom live below the poverty line and 56.6 percent of whom are Black. As demonstrated in the trailer and a Netflix statement, "Flint Town" embeds with officers as they patrol the city’s most systemically impoverished neighborhoods.

The docuseries also highlights the impact that the budget-strapped police department’s tactics had on the city’s residents, whose distrust of the department and city government are heightened by the lead contamination crisis. One episode shows president Donald Trump visiting the city during his 2016 campaign; another focuses on how Black residents experience zero-tolerance policing as instances of police violence prompt national outrage.

Stream all eight episodes of "Flint Town" on Netflix starting today.