Watching Zimmerman’s Trial Might Break Your Heart

15-year-old Chad Johnson testified that he remembers asking Trayvon Martin for Skittles, and never saw him again.

By Aura Bogado Jun 24, 2013

George Zimmerman is finally having his day in court. We know that the jury includes some interesting, concealed-weapons-permit-having jurors. The stage is now set for heartbreak from the witness stand.

In a case about life and death–and the charge of second-degree murder to be specific–Zimmerman defense attorney Don West started his opening statement with a knock-knock joke that no one seemed to find too amusing.

The courtroom grew somber as the state called its first witness: 15-year-old Chad Joseph. His mother is Brandy Green; her boyfriend is Tracy Martin (Trayvon’s father). Joseph–whose relationship to Trayvon might be described as a stepbrother to Trayvon–testified that he and Trayvon watched television and played video games all day on that fateful February day last year that would end with Trayvon’s death. Joseph explained that he stayed home while Trayvon went to the local store for goodies–adding that he asked Trayvon to get him Skittles.

That was the last time Joseph ever saw Trayvon alive.