WATCH: Why Roy Moore’s Racism, Homophobia and Alleged Sexual Relations With Teenagers Should Bar Him From Congress

By Kenrya Rankin Dec 12, 2017

Today (December 12), Alabamians will go to the polls to decide who will take over now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacated seat in the United States Senate. The race has been contentious, with wildly varying polls making it unclear who will win: Democrat Doug Jones, the attorney who successfully reopened and prosecuted the case against the Ku Klux Klan members who killed four little Black girls in a church bombing in 1963, or Republican Roy Moore, the President Donald Trump-endorsed candidate who has been accused of sexual harassment or contact with nine teenage girls, wants to eliminate all Constitutional amendments after the 10th one, compares homosexuality to bestiality, and said that the last time America was great was when Black people were enslaved.

In a video published yesterday (December 11), Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman talks to People for the American Way senior fellow Peter Montgomery about Moore’s history of bigotry and disregard for the law. Watch and hope that Alabama makes a sound choice.