Watch What People Say to Teenage Girls on the Street

Young women in Philadelphia share their experiences with street harassment, some even being followed to school by strangers.

By Von Diaz Oct 29, 2013

The vast majority of women, at least 80 percent, will experience street harassment at some point in their lives. This harassment leads many women and girls to feel violated and unsafe in public spaces, and causes many LGBT people to avoid certain public spaces altogether. Young women from FAAN Mail (Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now!), a media literacy and advocacy group created by young women of color in Philadelphia, made a video to share some of the worst things people have said to them on the street. The video was shared in advance of an upcoming City Council hearing on street harassment in Philadelphia on November 7, coordinated by the group HollabackPHILLY, who is raising awareness about the issue on social media with the hashtag #EndSH.

(h/t NewBlackMan)