WATCH: Video Explores Fatal Police Violence Inflicted on Black Women

By Kenrya Rankin Oct 18, 2016

Often, the fight for the freedom and safety of Black bodies centers stories of Black men who are killed by state violence. But the latest episode of Al Jazeera’s “Fault Lines” tells the tales of the Black women who are killed by police, including Rekia Boyd, a 22-year-old unarmed Black girl who was fatally shot by off-duty Chicago police officer Dante Servin in 2012.

“They don’t talk about women that much when they get killed by the police. They barely talk about women,” says Boyd’s brother, Martinez Sutton. “Why is that? It’s crazy, ’cause you see that even in death, women play the second role.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Rekia Boyd, the circumstances surrounding her shooting and the #SayHerName campaign that grew out of her death to uplift the stories of all the Black women—cis and trans—killed by police violence.