WATCH: VICE Releases Trailer For Special On President Obama’s Federal Prison Visit

By Sameer Rao Sep 24, 2015

Barack Obama made history this summer when he became the first sitting American president to visit a federal prison. His visit to Oklahoma’s El Reno Federal Correctional Institution is the centerpiece of a VICE special on mass incarceration and the policies that have led to many (predominantly black and Latino) people spending disproportionate time in prison for non-violent offenses. 

That special, "Fixing The System," will premiere on VICE’s HBO show this Sunday. And on Monday, VICE published a trailer (which you can see above) on their website that gives a quick look at what the special entails. 

In the roughly minute-long trailer, Obama sat down with a number of inmates from a mix of backgrounds to speak about criminal justice reform and its dispropotionate impact on black and Latino communities. The president also discussed the systemic issues of prison reform and mass incarceration with VICE co-founder Shane Smith. In addition, Smith spoke with several reform-minded activists and judges about the future of mass incarceration in America. 

VICE also promoted the special on Monday with a brief clip showing the unprecedented moment where Obama greeted several of the men incarcerated at El Reno, which you can see below: 


VICE’s "Fixing the System" will premiere this Sunday, September 27, on VICE’s HBO program at 9 pm EST.