WATCH: #TrumpProtests Take Over Streets Nationwide

By Kenrya Rankin Nov 10, 2016

If Tuesday’s (November 8) election of Donald Trump to the highest office in the land exposed just how deeply divided the nation is, yesterday’s (November 9) protests highlighted that division. Many people staged anti-Trump protests in cities across the country, highlighting the communities who were marginalized by the Republican’s run for the presidency, including people of color, immigrants and women.

Meanwhile, some Trump supporters have tweeted harsh comments in response to the protests. But Republican political strategist Ana Navarro—who voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election—tweeted about why protest is important:


Here, a glimpse of the November 9 protests in 10 U.S. cities.





Los Angeles 


San Francisco


Washington D.C.


New York City










Complex has a growing list of anti-Trump protests, scheduled for this week, for those who want to join in.