WATCH: Tisha Campbell-Martin Triumphs Over Sexual Assault In New Video

By Sameer Rao Sep 23, 2015

Tisha Campbell-Martin’s new music video for "Steel Here" not only marks a strong return for the actress ("Martin," "School Daze") and singer to music, but also adds the performer’s personal experience to increasingly-relevant contemporary controversies. 

Campbell-Martin, a survivor of childhood rape, is shown in the video (which you can see above) getting a lengthy message written on her body as she sobs and belts the song’s lyrics of resilience: 

Black butterfly,
Grab my paintbrush, got my canvas and I’ll paint the sky!
I’m, I’m, I’m steel here!

The words on her body are a snippet of a letter sent to Campbell-Martin by the man who raped her, an apology that came after years of his own alleged personal torment following his actions. Campbell-Martin tweeted that the letter helped her to find forgiveness, which in turn made her feel empowered. She also posted that creating the video assisted in her healing process. 

As sexual assault awareness grows in the public consciousness, Martin-Campbell and her video add a powerful perspective to public narratives of how survivors can persevere and overcome trauma. Watch the powerful video for "Steel Here" above. 

(H/t The Root