WATCH: Teen Photographers Capture Generations of Maya Women and Girls

By catherine lizette gonzalez Jan 15, 2019

A new short documentary from film organization Living On One profiles the feminist teen photographers behind Maya Womxn of LA, a project that depicts multiple generations of Maya women and girls in East Los Angeles. The six teens, all of whom are Guatemalan, sought to own their narratives, which they say are poorly and seldom depicted in art and media. Las Fotos Project, a photography mentorship program for teens of color in East Los Angeles, organized the exhibition. In the video, four of the teens discuss how issues of representation and racism and their community’s history, culture and rebellion motivated their work.

“No one should be ashamed of who they are, what they wear, how they speak," Jessica Oxlaj, one of the teen photographers, says in the video. "Why should I be ashamed of being Guatemalan?"

Las Fotos Project is currently running a fundraiser to send the six photographers to Guatemala to continue documenting and connecting Maya women and girls. 

Watch the short below: