Watch Shonda Rhimes Talk About ‘Scandal’s’ Season Finale

By Jamilah King Apr 18, 2014

Still reeling from Thursday night’s "Scandal" Season 3 finale? Watch creator Shonda Rhimes explain on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Outtakes from the Hollywood Reporter:

1. The pace: Rhimes said the rapid pace of the show is intentional, and she wants the show to feel "like you can’t do other things." It’s basically the anti-multitasking show (though live tweeting is likely OK).

2. On Olivia leaving: "There’s possibilities," Rhimes said when asked if Olivia (Kerry Washington) was certain she wanted to leave D.C. with Jake (Scott Foley). The showrunner confessed that the look on Olivia’s face made it clear that "she’s not so sure" about the decision to quit OPA and leave to stand in the sun with Jake.

3. The biggest debate in the writers’ room: The midseason finale when Jake was selected as B613 Command. They shot scenes with both Jake being named Fitz’s running mate and what aired. Rhimes ultimately watched both and said, "Vice president feels stupid," and Jake was crowned head of B613.

The highly anticipated finale has already been called the show’s "best episode yet."