WATCH: Robert Taylor Battles Chemical Plant in ‘Breathing While Black’

By Kenrya Rankin Aug 08, 2018

A new video from AJ+ follows 77-year-old environmental activist Robert Taylor as he takes on the chemical plant that makes his hometown, Reserve, Louisiana, the “cancer capital of the United States.”

In “Breathing While Black,” Michelle Klug dives into why the majority Black city’s cancer risk is more than 700 times the national average.

“The predatory attitude that the powers that be have toward Black people has not changed since slavery. The methodologies have not changed. The effect, all of this is still the same. We're still deep in slavery in America,” Taylor, whose family has suffered a devastating number of cancer deaths, says in the video.

Watch and learn about Taylor's legal fight to save his town in the video below, which was posted today (August 8).