WATCH: Raphael Saadiq Plays NPR’s Tiny Desk

By N. Jamiyla Chisholm Dec 06, 2019

A decade after Grammy Award-winning super-producer/songwriter Raphael Saadiq first played NPR’s Tiny Desk, he returned for the close of the four-night Tiny Desk Fest. The series featured extended concerts performed in front of a live audience and livestreamed on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The performance, which took place on October 31, aired on NPR yesterday (December 5).

The Tony! Toni! Tone! frontman kicked off his six-song set with “I'm Feeling Love” from the critically-acclaimed “Jimmy Lee” album (released on August 23), his first record in eight years. Singer and songwriter Lucky Daye joined Saadiq for three songs.

A musical legend whose 30-year career is a testament to his immense talent, Saadiq mused at his own staying power. “I'm really just shocked about my whole career,” he said. “People say Raphael Saadiq is the most slept-on artist. I think I slept on myself, too. I would read this all the time [and] go, ‘Slept on? I'm slept on? Cause I ain't Kanye? Cause I ain't talking loud?’ Naw, they know.”

Watch Saadiq's performance below, courtesy of NPR:

Listen to Saadiq’s post-performance interview below, where he shares origin stories of working with D’Angelo, among other topics: