Watch Pres. Obama React to Yet Another School Shooting

By Carla Murphy Jun 11, 2014

Some Oregon families woke up to a heartbreaking reality this morning. During another school shooting yesterday, this time at an Oregon high school, a teen killed another student with a rifle, slightly grazed a teacher and then killed himself, according to news reports. There have been at least 74 school shootings–incuding Oregon’s–since Newtown, according to a list compiled by Everytown.orgPres. Obama expressed disbelief during a student debt and education event yesterday, that the nation was unable to pass new gun laws in response. "The fact that 20 six-year-olds were gunned down in the most violent fashion possible and this town couldn’t do anything about it was stunning to me," Obama says, meaning Washington, DC. The only way forward he says, is if public opinion forces Congress’ hand.

What do you think of the president’s reaction and his efforts to curb gun violence so far?

(h/t Washington Post/Business Insider)