WATCH: The NYC Health Department Just Released This Movement-Approved Video About Sexual and Reproductive Justice

By Miriam Zoila Pu00e9rez Nov 04, 2016

After collaborating over the past year with 50 community-based organizations that are working on sexual and reproductive justice, the New York City Department of Health has released a beautiful new video that lays out exactly what the movement for sexual and reproductive justice looks like.

Using audio recordings and photo illustrations of the participants—most of them people of color—the video maps out issues central to the sexual and reproductive justice movement, including maternal health, respect during childbirth, contraceptive access, sex education and transgender health care. Released this morning (November 4), the video is part of a larger campaign to advance this framework in New York City.

The so-called SRJ Community Engagement Group that helped shape the video will continue to meet monthly to "plan and implement activities so that all New Yorkers can safely express their sexuality and gender identity with dignity, and have the knowledge, skills and resources to lead healthy and fulfilling lives."