WATCH: Native Youth Wrestle With Environmental Change in ‘Children of the Arctic’

By Sameer Rao Apr 06, 2016

In "Children of the Arctic," five Alaska Native youth in Barrow—the United States’ northernmost city—grapple with the impact of climate change and social alienation on their time-honored traditions. The documentary, part of the "America ReFramed" series, is now available for streaming via World Channel

The Iñupiat teens featured in "Children of the Arctic" come of age as climate change threatens their Alaskan tundra homeland and centuries-long whaling practices. With sunlight hard to come by and fewer whales—whose meat provides an important source of Vitamin D—the community wrestles with widespread depression and suicides. The documentary also investigates language and cultural reclamation efforts in Barrow, as well as the difficulties some teens face as they navigate the changes that encroach on their traditional way of life. 

Watch "Children of the Arctic" here

(H/t Grist, Native News Online