WATCH: National Broadcast Premiere of ‘BadDDD Sonia Sanchez’ Tonight!

By Sameer Rao Mar 08, 2016

Fans of influential poet, activist and educator Sonia Sanchez now have plenty of reason to celebrate: "BadDDD Sonia Sanchez," the acclaimed documentary about the prolific writer, is set to air tonight at 8 p.m. ET on World Channel

"BadDDD Sonia Sanchez" draws on original source material and interviews with the likes of Questlove and Talib Kweli to examine Sanchez’s decades-long career. A leader of the Black Arts Movement, Sanchez published more than a dozen books and seven plays, designed courses for one of the U.S.’s earliest collegiate Black Studies programs and became a model for revolutionary creators of all stripes. From protesting the MOVE Bombing to testifying in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s trial, the now-81-year-old Sanchez makes the political personal in everything she does. 

Sabrina Gordon, one of the documentary’s three directors, told Colorlines that "BadDDD Sonia Sanchez" offers rare insight into the totality of her identity and sacrifices: 

This is a very personal portrait of her, so you get a glimpse into her life and who she is as a human being on multiple levels—artist, mother, teacher, wife, all of these aspects that make up the totality of a human being. And you understand what she sacrificed for her work. From an artistic perspective, the film opens at the title credits and she’s writing. So you actually, from the beginning, are immersed in her process and how she creates something. I don’t think you’ve seen that anywhere. 

The documentary’s national broadcast premiere tonight is part of "America ReFramed," an Emmy-nominated documentary series produced by WGBH and American Documentary. "BadDDD Sonia Sanchez" will stream after the broadcast via America ReFramed’s website

Check out the trailer for "BadDDD Sonia Sanchez" above, and catch the premiere tonight.