WATCH: Latino Artist Tells ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Lorne Michaels, ‘Go F*** Yourself’

By Sameer Rao Nov 05, 2015

While people are talking about the PAC-funded video featuring kids calling Donald Trump a "racist dick," one Latino artist is turning his outrage not to Trump, but Saturday Night Live. 

In anticipation of Trump’s controversial "SNL" hosting gig, Chicago-based Latino artist and activist Ricardo Gamboa created an open video letter to executive producer Lorne Michaels and the "good people of ‘SNL’" that sends up the show’s history of stereotyping Latinos, even though there have been just two Latino castmembers in the show’s 40-year history.

After portraying a stereotypical "spicy" gang member ("You don’t know my social context, vato!"), "spicy" queer Latino man and "really spicy" telenovela heartthrob to show that he could be a castmember on a show that plays on racism without embracing internal diversity, Gamboa (who identifies as gay) passionately condemns how the show is legitimizing Trump’s xenophobia and racism by having him host: 

Fuck you, "Saturday Night Live." I grew up watching your show. My parents would let me and my sister stay up late, and we would watch and laugh together. And I would imagine we were one of many families laughing together all across this country, and for moments, we were just like everyone else. Now, we all know that national and racial unity is bullshit, but brown kids today at least deserve to live in a country where hate against them is not championed and given the spotlight. 

Watch Gamboa’s hilarious and poignant video above.