WATCH: Killer Mike Talks Social Justice With Bernie Sanders

By Sameer Rao Dec 15, 2015

Killer Mike‘s love of Bernie Sanders is no secret. Now, the Run the Jewels rapper and would-be politician is lending his support with a six-part conversation with the Democratic presidential candidate. 

The rapper, whose government papers read "Michael Render," introduced Sanders at a rally in his hometown of Atlanta last month. During Sanders’ visit, he and Render sat down at the latter’s SWAG Barbershop for an in-depth conversation about a variety of topics close to both men’s hearts, including gun control, economic reform and social justice.

The resulting video series amounts to a Sanders advertisement. Nonetheless, the conversation offers insight into Sanders’ policies on economic and social justice and why the two men believe that communities of color—to whom Sanders admits he needs to reach out more actively—would benefit from a Sanders presidency.

(H/t NPR)